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long live the queen ([personal profile] overlordsukone) wrote2013-05-06 10:52 pm

A Quick Guide to PMs

This is a reference post regarding people who PM me with their rage/thanks/whatever in response to the review I gave their story. If you're going to PM me with one of the excuses listed below, then I suggest you refrain from doing so and making a fool of yourself. But hey, if you want to be a stubborn mule, then be my guest. :3

1. Don't like, don't read!
I'll read whatever I please and comment as I see fit. If I say it's crap, then it's crap. :)

2. I wrote this late at night./I was in a hurry.
So, you're saying that you don't care about your story or your readers, yes? Take the time to edit your work and have patience. The reward is well worth it.

3. It's my first fan fiction.
O-kay, I get that. But you should still be grateful that I bothered to leave a critique on your story. :/

4. Don't tell me how to write! I'm not your puppet!
Everyone has their own writing style. This much is true. But when you completely disregard the common rules of spelling and grammar, then it is no longer writing. It's incorrect, and I aim to eradicate that in everyone's writing.

I have no problem with AU. But when you take canon characters and warp their personalities for your own personal gain, then that is inexcusable. They're no longer the beloved characters everyone knows.

So, before you PM me, swallow your pride and read through this list. Thanks. :D