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Title: Potty Mouth
Fandom: Uta no Prince-sama
Characters: Syo, Kaoru, Natsuki
Rating: R, M (For language only.)
Summary: Syo can't remember the last time he felt so sick, but he can quickly recount all the times that Natsuki has inconvenienced him. This time is no different.

Syo sat on the toilet with his hands still grasping the seat. His knees shook and pain racked his body. Snot dribbled out of his nose and traces of saliva dotted the fabric of his pajamas. The bathroom stunk to high heaven as he struggled to reach for the toilet paper dispenser beside him.

"Are you shitting me?" he rasped, finding an empty cardboard tube occupying the dispenser instead. He glanced around the room and spotted a full roll sitting on top of the sink, much to his dismay.

A familiar voice echoed on the other side of the door, "Syo, are you okay in there?"

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine," the blond offered a hasty reply. Grunting, he leaned as far forward as he could, and stretched his tiny arms towards the roll. Steam rose from his head as he came up short. "Fucking piece of..."

Natsuki. One of his strange habits were leaving the toilet paper on top of the counter by the sink. His smiling face appeared before Syo in mid-air, giggling like mad at his misfortune.

"Maybe I should come in and help you," Kaoru called out to him with increased concern.

Syo paled in horror. "No, don't come in here! It's no big deal! I-I can handle it!"

He reached for the toilet paper and failed to retrieve it a second time. He cursed his vertical disadvantage and Natsuki's oddball nuances in one breath. All he could do was accept his brother's generous offer.

"Syo-chaaaaaaaaaaan!" The door flew open and Natsuki bum-rushed the other boy. He sniffed the air and studied his friend for a moment. Syo was too terrified to speak, and Kaoru just stood outside the bathroom with a puzzled look. "Haruka said that you were sick, so I came over as fast as I could! I'll nurse you back to health!"

A shrilly scream escaped Syo as he was pried off the toilet, taking the seat with him. His posterior was a mess, diarrhea covered his legs and behind. Never before had he been so humiliated. He opened his enormous mouth to protest but stopped short when he caught a glimpse of Natsuki's determined expression.

Despite the filth, odor and contamination, Natsuki persevered to help his friend. He immediately put Syo in the bathtub and ran warm water over him.

"N-Natsuki, why...?"

The goofy blond grinned back at him. "Someone has to take care of you!"

"That's what brothers are for," Kaoru said with a slight chuckle.

Syo couldn't help returning their smiles. He felt warmth and energy flow into him. Natsuki wasn't the most reliable guy when it came to little things like replacing the toilet paper, but Syo couldn't ask for a better friend. Any anger that clouded Syo's conscience slowly drifted into the foul air.

Kurusu Syo has two brothers, not one.

Notes: This is a giftfic for gakumi after she issued me a challenge. Happy Birthday, gakumi. Love ya, babe. :3


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