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2013-05-06 09:04 pm

Fan Fiction Prefs

This is an informational post regarding the pairings that I ship. These aren't all romantic relationships, either. I support a lot of rivalries and sibling relationships also. I do not support any homosexual pairings, though. That lifestyle is against my personal beliefs, logic and reasoning. I am entitled to believe whatever I please.

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Have fun browsing through my journal. :)
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2013-05-06 10:52 pm

A Quick Guide to PMs

This is a reference post regarding people who PM me with their rage/thanks/whatever in response to the review I gave their story. If you're going to PM me with one of the excuses listed below, then I suggest you refrain from doing so and making a fool of yourself. But hey, if you want to be a stubborn mule, then be my guest. :3

5 Worst Excuses for Your Worst Writing )

So, before you PM me, swallow your pride and read through this list. Thanks. :D
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2013-05-06 11:22 pm

Reviews Batch #01

My icon speaks for itself. I found a lot of crazies out there today. Feel free to peruse my reviews and giggle at their obvious/sorry attempts to excuse their own laziness. I am very lazy, but I'll own up to it. :3

Have you been drinking milk from a rusty bucket?! )

Lol, you guys crack me up. XD